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Yates Small Afghan (Urban Assault) Hook

SKU: 1796
By Yates

Product Info

Folding hook designed to accommodate Yates Assault Ladders and Pole Systems. Can also be used with 10ft. Pocket Ladder. New design allows for a variety of settings to construct numerous configurations which accommodate a variety of environments. Simple 6 inch folding hook design can be extended to 10 inch hook by adding quick detachable arm extension. Spine of hook can be adjusted to two different angles depending on type of wall construction or window platform encountered. Tip section of hook can be adjusted easily to ten different angle positions. High strength heat treated stainless steel teeth on contact surface aid in gripping cement edges on window sills or rooftops. Teeth on hook are easily replaceable and changed out to various lengths depending on application and surface requirements. A variety of extra length teeth are available. Bronze probe on hook will not mar or damage barrel of weapon. Hook without arm extension unit folds flat and can fit in a 2 x 3 x 8 inch ammo pouch for easy carrying in kit. Ideal for urban assault operations.

Color Terra
Origin Made in USA
Weight 1.95 lbs,