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Hauling and raising pulley with built in cam safety grab. The 4:1 unit provides the ideal mechanical advantage for manhole and vessel extraction. Once the Haul Safe is attached to rigging point and worker is p roperly secured with safety cam engaged, unit works as a hauling system with a deadman’s safety. Even if the hauling team is incapacitated, the victim is secure and will not fall. Device works with the cam before the sheave to allow much greater direction of pull on haul line. The cam can be locked open with the safety pin to use the Haul Safe as a double sheave pulley. Exceeds all applicable NFPA, OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards. Designed for 7/16 inch rope and
will accept 1/2 inch NFPA ropes. Strength 10,000 lbf/44kN.

Color Red
Strength 10,000 lbf. (44kN)

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