Yates Kevlar Truck Ladder/Escape Belt

SKU: 371K-1
By Yates

Product Info

Kevlar Class I personal escape belt. Utilizes double locking quick connect snap hook and locking D ring adjustment system. Constructed of two layers of 9000 lbf. Kevlar webbing (coated to reduce wear and abrasion) with an inner stiffening material to increase stiffness for carrying tools. Pad under buckle made of Nomex material. Two additional D rings can be adjusted to affix a personal escape rope pack.

Key Features
  • One size, fully adjustable and XL 
  • Optional Truckman’s Tool Holster can be added
  • Certified by UL to NFPA 1983/2012 ed. Ladder and Escape Belt Standards.
  • Made In USA