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A complete kit for gaining vertical entry into a confined space. Includes all the necessary hardware and rope to provide a entrant/access line and belay or retrieval line. This kit is designed to be combined with the Confined Space Rescuer Personal Equipment Kit (item 8060). Confined Space Entry Kit can be combined with the Confined Space Standby Kit (item 8050) to equip a four person team.

Key Features

1 SKED-EVAC Industrial Tripod with Bag
1 RSI Haul Safe
1 Rescue Clip with Pole
2 200 ft. 1/2 inch Ropes (any colors)
2 Medium Rope Bags with Shoulder Straps (any colors)
1 Petzl I’D (G Rated)
2 Yates Mountain Lite Single Pulleys
1 Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulley
1 Rescue Rigger Rigging Plate
10 Steel NFPA Autolock Carabiners
4 Sets Tandem Dynamic Prusiks
2 Medium Rope Guards
1 Rope Edge Pad
3 15 ft. Type 18 Webbing
3 20 ft. Type 18 Webbing
2 Load Release Anchors
4 9mm Delta Links
1 2:1 HD Pick-off/Transfer Strap
1 Yates Riggers Gear Bag
1 Yates/Evac Technical Rescue Equipment Pack

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