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Yates ArmorTech Technora

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A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as welding. Slag actually bounces off! The unique design of BlueWater’s ArmorTech rope also gives it excellent cut resistant properties, advantageous in rock scaling and construction applications. ArmorTech rope has proven to be the longest lasting rope for Helicopter rappelling situations. Hundreds of rappells can be dome on a single rope with out any glazing of the rope sheath.  ArmorTech rope is constructed by braiding a Technorasheath over a standard kernmantle rope. Even after complete failure of the Technora sheath, the underlying rope still maintains its full strength(1/2", 12mm & 7/16" Models only). 1/2" Model certified to NFPA 1983/2012 ed "General Use". 7/16" and 12mm ArmorTech ropes are the exact same construction. 12mm is just a 7/16" rope that has been dry treatment processed with a propriatory Teflon compound. 10.5mm ArmorTech is designed more like a traditional rope using a Nylon core but with a braded Technora sheath. Designed to be used with Petzl Id style descenders and ASAP Back-up Device for rope access techniques. Price is per foot.

Size MBS (lbf/kN) Elong. (300, 600, 1,000 lbf)
13 mm (1/2") 10,113/45 3.6% / 6.1% / 8.7%
12 mm Dry & 11.5 mm Std. 8,000/35.5 5.1% / 7.3% / 9.6%
10.5 mm 8,000/35.5 3.2% / 6.4% / 8.9%

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Yates ArmorTech Technora

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