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Traverse Rescue Mule II Litter Wheel

SKU: 331601



Greater Leverage and Easy Transport

With a large, lightweight all-terrain wheel, a fast, simple securing system, and eight adjustable handle positions, the Mule II Litter Wheel is an excellent all-purpose transport solution.

The universal design is compatible with any type and style of rigid litter. Its single wheel design makes it ideal for narrow trails, allowing agility, versatility and ease of movement even in the roughest terrain. The ATV wheel offers tracking ability and shock absorption for smooth and comfortable patient transport. Fast ratchet securing system locks basket stretcher with two straps and two rubberized steel hooks. Quick-release pins, each with a wire lanyard, lock into position with ease on each side of the handle. Its unique uni-support design allows the wheel to be quickly and easily removed for compact storage and transport.


Deployed: 33in. L x 26in. W x 29in H (83cm L x 65cm W x 72cm H)

Stored: 33in. L x 26in. W x 19in H (83cm L x 65cm W x 47cm H)

Mule with Handles

Deployed: 104in. L x 26in. W x 29in H (263cm L x 65 cm W x 72cm H)

Stored: L x 26in. W x 32in H (114cm L x 65cm W x 81cm H)


Mule: 41 lb (19 kg)

Mule with Handles: 51 lb (23 kg)

Load Limit: 500 lb (227 kg)


Frame Aluminum

Axle: 3/4-in. Stainless Steel

Tire: AT 2211-8

Operate at 10 psi maximum

Option Item Product Weight Model Color
Without Handles 331601 41 lb (19 kg) Without Handles Black
With Handles 331602 51 lb (23 kg) With Handles Black

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Traverse Rescue Mule II Litter Wheel

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