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TerrAdaptor Capstan Winch Bracket

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Product Info

The new Capstan Winch Bracket is designed for use with the Harken 40.2ST Capstan Winch. This bracket is predrilled and includes all hardware for mounting the Capstan. It may be mounted on any grey leg tube section on the TerrAdaptor.

Key Features
  • Stainless rope guide ensures rope enters capstan at the correct angle
  • Clip points are included for use of progress capture devices
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Made in the USA

Color: Black
MBS: 30 kN (6744 lbf)
Weight: 3 lbs 8.8 oz (1.610 kg)
Length: 11.25" (28.6 cm)
Width: 5.90" (15.0 cm)
Height: 2.40" (6.1 cm)
Material: Anodized Aluminum