Rock Exotica RockD Lanyard-Pin Carabiner (Set Of 3)


Product Info

The rockD is the carabiner of choice when seeking the highest strength in a standard-sized aluminum frame. Available in the ORCA, Auto-lock, Screw-lock and other gate options, the rockD carabiner serves the broadest range of specialized uses. The rockD in non-lanyard versions, features a flattened profile with an i-beam profile at the bottom and top bends, giving the carabiner a sleek profile, while providing low weight and high strength characteristics.

Key Features
  • Narrow asymmetric "D" shape optimizes MBS
  • High strength-to-weight ratio in standard size carabiner
  • Snag-resistant keylock nose design
  • Large and ergonomic angled gate opening
  • Machined frame ensures tight tolerances and smooth operation
  • Made In USA

The Lanyard Pin is available on the rockD and rockO frames in 3 stage autolock.

  • Utilizes easy to remove stainless steel pin.
  • Install gear or lanyards with the the peace of mind of a securez, semi-permanent capture.
  • Use as a standard, full-strength carabiner by removing the pin.
  • Both models are made from durable .5" round stock for increased service life.
Gate Lanyard Pin
Ref # C2 LPA
MBS-Major 30kN
MBS-Minor 11kN
MBS-Open 10kN
Gate Opening .95" (24 mm)
Weight 3.52 oz (99 gm)
Height 4.5" (114 mm)
Width 2.8" (71 mm)
Color Gold
Certification CE/UIAA