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Rock Exotica Assault Stainless Steel Carabiners


Product Info

The Assault Stainless provides the versatility of a pear-shape or HMS style carabiner, with the added durability and service life found in a stainless steel connector. Available in Auto-Lock and Screw-Lock versions.

The wide top area of the carabiner easily accommodates a large range of gear, webbing or ropes, for the broadest range of uses for this connector.

Not only is the frame made from stainless steel, but also the components within the carabiner. Each piece will resist corrosion far beyond the equivalent materials found in other non-stainless carabiners.

The Assault Stainless features several unique Rock Exotica design elements: snag-resistant keylock nose design, lock-status indicator, precision machined frame, and an angled gate for maximum gate opening.

Key Features
  • Wide top radius allows the connection of multiple items
  • Precision machined parts for smooth & ergonomic operation
  • All stainless-steel parts
  • Rock Exotica carabiner design elements: keylock nose, lock-status indicator, machined frame, and angled gate.
Gate Assault Auto-Lock Assault Screw-Lock
Locking Mechanism # of Stages 3-Stage Mechanism 2-Stage Mechanism
Mechanism Opening Description Pull down toward palm, twist and open Spin gate downward and open
Ref # C4S A C4S S
MBS-Major 30kN 30kN
MBS-Minor 11kN 11kN
MBS-Open 10kN 10kN
Gate Opening 1.0" (25 mm) 1.0" (25 mm)
Weight 7.90 oz (224 gm) 7.36 oz (209 gm)
Height 4.4" (112 mm) 4.4" (112 mm)
Width 2.84" (72 mm) 2.84" (72 mm)
Color Silver Silver
Certification CE/UIAA CE/UIAA