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PMI TerrAdaptor QuickLash

SKU: SM230370

Product Info

The TerrAdaptor QuickLash has been designed to work exclusively on the TerrAdaptor grey tube as an anchor point. With the QuickLash, TerrAdaptor users will now be able to install an auxiliary anchor point before, during or after set up. Simply connect the QuickLash by inserting the quick release pin and you have a high strength single or multi direction tieback. This new QuickLash is ideal for attaching pulleys or other gear to assist with tie backs, redirects, and/or tie downs. Quick, easy and high strength make this TerrAdaptor accessory a must have for all rescue teams who have come to love the TerrAdaptor.

Key Features
  • Attach to grey tubes before, during or after setting up TerrAdaptor
  • Connection point for single or multi direction tieback
  • Can be attached inside of leg and used to tie TerrAdaptor down for stability
  • Can be used as attachment point for hanging pulleys or other gear
  • Can be attached at the foot connection point
  • 30kN strength when loaded straight along major axis
  • 15 kN when strength when pulled to side at 90 degrees

Color: Gold
MBS: 30 kN (6744 lbf)
Weight: 4.2 oz (118 g)
Length: 4.42" (11.2 cm)
Width: 2.94" (7.5 cm)
Height: 0.75" (1.9 cm)
Major Axis: 30 kN (6744 lbf)
Minor Axis: 15 kN (3372 lbf)
Material: Anodized Aluminum