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The new SMC TerrAdapto Capstan Winch System mounts on any grey leg tube section in any position on the TerrAdaptor multi pod. A stainless steel rope guide ensures that the rope enters the capstan at the correct angle for the greatest grip. Clip points on the front and rear of the bracket can be used for progress capture devices such as a rope grab or a prussik.

Key Features
  • Made from anodized aluminum
  • Includes a Harken 40.2ST two speed, self-trailing capstan winch
  • Stainless steel rope guide
  • Designed to work with progress capture devices
  • Engineered TerrAdaptor winch bracket
  • Made in the USA

Color: Black
Weight: 8 lbs 8.8 oz (3.878 kg)
Length: 11.25" (28.6 cm)
Width: 5.90" (15.0 cm)
Height: 5.40" (13.7 cm)
Material: Anodized Aluminum

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