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PMI Swaged Terminations

SKU: KT36025


Product Info

High strength, no-knot terminations for PMI Classic and Sport ropes. PMI swaged rope terminations are always stronger than any knotted termination. Swaged terminations are formed using aluminum sleeves and a stainless steel thimble. Swages are applied to the rope using a precision steel die and the resulting termination is nearly as strong as the rope itself. Only PMI Classic and Sport ropes may be swaged. (Ropes may not be swaged after leaving the factory.)

Key Features
  • High strength termination
  • Available for 11 mm or 12.5 mm PMI Classic Ropes
  • Stronger than knots

MBS: 39 kN (8768 lbf)
Weight: 5.0 oz (130 g)
Material: Aluminum
Origin: Made In USA

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PMI Swaged Terminations

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