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PMI ED Xtreme 5k Dynamometer,no radio or backlight

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The Ed-Xtreme dynamometer is a precise instrument that can survive real-world punishment. Use it for simple applications, or tap into its sophisticated user-defined options. Select an optional communicator to monitor a series of critical stress points from a single location or to download your data to a PC via an RS-232 connection for compilation and analysis and generate hard-copy printouts. For hard wire capability, a serial cable connects easily to included recessed connector on rear of instrument. The Ed-Xtreme Remote Communicator is a handheld remote command hub that lets users simultaneously display and control up to 16 EDx dynamometers within the same airspace. The Communicator also calculates the total load on the individual dynamometers, offers custom units, and lets users export data to a PC for recording or analysis. Contact PMI's customer service department for information on units not shown here, including other force ranges (2,500 to 330,000 lbf), and accessories.


Weight: 18 lbs 0 oz (8.165 kg)