PMI ED Junior Dynamometer, 10k w/shackles

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Measure load, tension, and force with this indispensable rescue tool. Originally designed to measure the tension on power and phone transmission wires, the dynamometer has proven to have great versatility in rope rigging and rescue applications. It has been used for such diverse jobs as tensioning highlines, field testing rescue systems, and monitoring forces during rope rescue evolution. For precision force or tension measurement in a unit that provides continuous readout of the changing force and a hold feature that records peak force, PMI offers the simple to operate digital ED Junior.

Key Features
  • Peak detection as well as sustained load readings
  • Selectable units of measure include lbf, kgf and Newtons
  • Accuracy - 0.2% (full scale)
  • Operates with 2 C-cell batteries
  • The 6-digit dot-matrix display features 1u201d (26 mm) high numerals
  • 7:1 safety factor

Weight: 18 lbs 0 oz (8.165 kg)