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PMI 7mm Sewn Prusik

SKU: KT36092


Product Info

PMI is proud to offer the latest innovation in accessory cords. Precision sewn loops form a sleek, low profile connection that is stronger than a knot. Clear tubing protects the stitches yet allows for easy inspection.

Key Features
  • Available in 6 mm, 7 mm, and 8 mm
  • 5''8" length perfect for creating purcell prusiks
  • Used in the PMI Tandem Prusik Kit
  • Cord also slides under the clear tubing to allow length adjustment
Color Yellow
MBS 15 kN (3372 lbf)
Weight 2.0 oz (59 g)
Diameter 7 mm (9/32")
Length 34.00" (86.4 cm)
Material Nylon Sheath/Nylon Core
Origin Made In USA

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PMI 7mm Sewn Prusik

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