PMI 11 mm Max Wear Hudson Classic Professional Rope

SKU: RR110WB200M

Product Info

Extreme environments require this extreme rope. Those who work in rugged terrain appreciate the superior abrasion resistance of this sturdy line. Also available in custom colors and lengths. This rope is extremely durable, but it has a much stiffer hand than PMI Classic. PMI Max Wear also has only one stripe over the base color while Classic EZ-Bend has two stripes over the base color. Contact PMI customer service for availability, delivery and custom pricing.


Color: White/Black
Type: Max Wear
MBS: 28.6 kN (6430 lbf)
Weight: 80 g/m
Diameter: 10.5 mm (7/16")
Length: 200 m (656 ft)
Elongation: 2.7% at 300 lbf | 4.6% at 600 lbf | 6.5% at 1000 lbf
Elongation @ 10% MBS: 5.0%
Material: Nylon Sheath/Nylon Core
Origin: Made In USA