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NRS 3mm Grizzly Wetsuit

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Product Info

Big folks know finding the right size in boating gear can be a bear. Designed for the "teddy bear" in your group, the NRS Grizzly wetsuit is extra roomy. 

Key Features
  • Our Grizzly Wetsuit features 3 mm neoprene for superior insulation.
  • Cut large around the chest, waist, thighs and calves to fit even the biggest paddle sports enthusiast.
  • This suit combines the convenience of a full-length front zipper with roomy, over-the-shoulder Farmer Bill-style suspenders.
  • NRS Shoulder Extensions are available for even taller grizzly-sized boaters.
  • Color: All sizes are black - shoulders are color coded by size..
Sizing Chart
Size Height Weight (lbs)
G-M 5'5"-5'9" 200-235
G-L 5'8"-6'0" 230-265
G-XXL 5'11"-6'4" 260-305
G-4XL 6'3"-6'6" 275-320
Color-coded shoulder panels: Size G-M: Black/Red
Size G-L: Black/Gray
Size G-XXL: Black/Black
Size G-4XL: Black/Brown
    Neoprene: 3 mm neoprene
    Seams: Mauser stitched and taped
    Entry Style: Shoulder snaps & double pull front zipper
    Titanium Adhesive: Yes
    Relief Zipper: Yes
    Wrist Zippers: No
    Ankle Zippers: Yes
    Gender Sizing: Men
    Features: ToughTex armored seat & knees
    Cut for more room in the chest, waist & thighs
    Shoulder panels color-coded by size