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New England New England Maxim Climbing Rope

SKU: 294465

Product Info 

Maxim was the first American-made kernmantle climbing rope to receive UIAA Certification. Made using unique stranded core yarns of Perlon-type nylon fiber held in place by a tightly braided, highly abrasion-resistant sheath, this 100% nylon rope knots easily and is extremely flexible and free running. Available by the 165 ft. spool.

Working-At-Height / Industrial Rope Access / Technical Rope Rescue

Working at height requires reliable, quality equipment. The New England Maxim Climbing Rope can be used with confidence in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards under which it falls. Always use life safety equipment and gear according to the regulatory safety standards for which it is classified and/or certified.

Product Weight 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Diameter 11 mm
Length 50 m (165 ft)
Color Varies
UIAA Falls 14
Impact Force 9.6 kN (2,158 lbf)