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MSD660 Mustang Aviation Rescue Swimmer Dry Suit

SKU: MSD660 - XS-Reg

Product Info

The MSD660 is a specialized dry suit designed for US Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmers and adopted by USAF PJs. The suit is designed to aid in hypothermia protection during surface operations in or on the water when worn with insulating undergarments. The MSD660 is easily donned/doffed by the wearer using a diagonal watertight entry zipper across the torso and wearer's left shoulder and includes a relief zipper. Customized fit can be achieved through the standard 24 available sizes (including short & tall), adjustable internal suspenders and a waist adjustment system. Every MSD660 produced by Mustang is leak tested to ensure waterproof integrity prior to leaving our factory. All suits are 100% tested to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance.

Key Features
  • MSD660 uses a single layer waterproof, breathable tri-laminate NOMEX / GORE-TEX shell fabric (MIL-DTL-32149). This fabric combines waterproofing, breathability and fire retardant characteristics in a single flexible layer
  • Rapid Repair Technology enables users to self-replace neck and wrist seals and repair small leaks in an hour or less
  • Latex neck seal (CCM adjustable neck seal or neoprene optional)
  • Latex wrist seals (neoprene optional)
  • NOMEX fleece cover over neck seal to protect the user from flash fire damage to the neck seal*
  • Reinforced molded foam knee and elbow pads that provide increased knee and elbow protection and wear resistance*
  • Reinforced seat/thigh area*
  • Low profile, lightweight, and corrosion resistant TIZIP waterproof zippers that are easier to operate and require less maintenance than typical brass metal teeth zippers
  • Right arm air exhaust valve to vent excess trapped air out of the suit
  • SOLAS retro reflective tape on the upper shoulders and arms for increased visibility
  • Left arm low profile zippered shoulder pocket with dual pen holders
  • 2 x 4 inch Velcro patch located on right chest for attachment of name tag
  • Left and right thigh elasticized expanding cargo pockets with drainage mesh and Velcro secured top cover entry, provide maximum storage capacity and exhibit a low-profile function when empty
  • Neoprene cummerbund with waist adjustment tabs allows snug waist adjustability without impeding mobility
  • Low profile adjustable wrist over cuffs
  • Two-point attachment adjustable and removable suspender system for an improved fit, mobility and comfort
  • Universally sized waterproof, breathable socks are permanently attached and ankle cuffs reduce entry of small debris into footwear thereby reducing wear on the socks
  • Waterproof entry and relief zippers are covered to provide flame retardancy and help to protect the zipper teeth from damage or contamination

* All reinforced areas incorporate drainage to preclude entrapped water.

Sizing Chart
The Mobility Based Sizing platform offers users a semi-custom suit that reduces bulk and increases range of motion.
35-38" 37-40" 39-42" 41-44" 43-46" 45-48" 49-52" 53-56"
99.1-106.7cm 104.1-111.8cm 109.2-116.8cm 114.3-121.9cm 124.5-132.1cm 134.6-142.2cm
29-32" 31-34" 34-37" 35-38" 37-40" 41-44" 46-49" 51-54"
73.7-81.3cm 78.7- 86.4cm 86.4- 94.0cm 88.9-96.5cm 94.0-101.6cm 104.1-111.8cm 116.8-124.5cm 129.5-137.2cm
37-40" 38-41" 39-42" 40-43" 41-44" 43-46" 47-50" 53-56"
94.0-101.6cm 96.5-104.1cm 99.1-106.7cm 101.6-109.2cm 104.1-111.8cm 109.2-116.8cm 119.4-127.0cm 134.6-142.2cm
29-31" 31-33" 33-35" 34-36" 35-37" 36-38" 37-39" 38-40"
73.7-78.7cm 78.7-83.8cm 83.8-88.9cm 86.4-91.4cm 88.9-94.0cm 91.4-96.5cm 94.0-99.1cm 96.5-101.6cm
28-30" 30-32" 32-34" 33-35" 34-36" 34-36" 34-36" 34-36"
71.1-76.2cm 76.2-81.3cm 81.3-86.4cm 83.8-88.9cm 86.4-91.4cm 86.4-91.4cm 86.4-91.4cm 86.4-91.4cm
Torso Hoop
59-62" 62-65" 65-68" 67-70" 69-72" 71-74" 76-79" 78-81"
149.9-157.5cm 157.5-165.1cm 165.1-172.7cm 170.2-177.8cm 175.3-182.9cm 180.3-188.0cm 193.0-200.7cm 198.1-205.7cm

Short (Special order: longer lead times may apply)
57-60" 61-64" 65-68" 66-69" 68-71" 70-73" 72-75" 72-75"
144.8-152.4cm 154.9-162.6cm 165.1-172.7cm 167.6-175.3cm 172.7-180.3cm 177.8-185.4cm 182.9-190.5cm 182.9-190.5cm
Regular (Standard)
60-63" 64-67" 68-71" 69-72" 71-74" 73-76" 75-78" 75-78"
152.4-160.0cm 162.6-170.2cm 172.7-180.3cm 175.3-182.9cm 180.3-187.0cm 185.4-193.0cm 190.5-198.1cm 190.5-198.1cm
Long (Special order: longer lead times may apply)
63 1/2-
66 1/2"
67 1/2-
70 1/2"
71 1/2-
74 1/2"
72 1/2-
75 1/2"
74 1/2-
77 1/2"
76 1/2-
79 1/2"
78 1/2-
81 1/2"
78 1/2-
81 1/2"
161.3-168.9cm 171.5-179.1cm 181.6-189.2cm 184.2-191.8cm 189.2-196.9cm 194.3-201.9cm 199.4-207.0cm 199.4-207.0cm