SKU: HS-640


HEL-STAR 6® Gen III is a multi function helmet mounted LED light designed for airborne/MFF, tactical and other military operations.

HEL-STAR 6® Gen III combines the basic features of the earlier HEL-STAR 4® & HEL-STAR 5® multi-function marker lights into a compact, integrated design with enhanced omni-directional visibility and easy battery replacement.

Improved sliding switches enhance tactile feel and provide positive, intuitive control between the two operating modes and four user-defined functions. Functions can be selected from virtually any combination of White, four different color options, and IR – either flashing or steady. Variable flash rates, intensities and coded signals provide expanded IFF capability.

Independent testing has confirmed that the HEL-STAR 6® Gen III exceeds the FAA’s 3 statute mile visibility requirement and is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof, and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet). HEL-STAR 6® Gen III is built on a platform that allows new technology to be incorporated as it becomes available. As mission demands shift and expand, HEL-STAR 6® Gen III can evolve with changing user needs.


 Safety - The unique battery access design provides a curved profile on all sides, minimizing snag hazard. Velcro® attachment provides emergency peel-away from helmet to reduce potential for snag-related injury.

Versatility - Up to four user-defined functions are available in a range of visible colors and IR signals, either flashing, coded or steady.

Visibility - Omni-directional. Intensities can scaled up or down for special requirements. White flash exceeds FAA 3-statute mile requirements.  

Simple, Secure Operation - Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved-hand, in the blind, with the helmet donned. Mode selection switch design options provide operational flexibility or strong security between overt and covert operating modes.

Operating Extremes - HEL-STAR 6 Gen III is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and open sea waterproof to 130 fsw (laboratory 300+ feet).

Status Confirmation - Switch design provides visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating status with no guesswork; visual confirmation prevents inadvertent battery discharge in the IR operating mode.  

Easy Battery Replacement - The single CR123 cell can be replaced in the field, quickly, without special tools.

Part Number and Functions
Color Key Function Key
BL = Blue S = Steady
GR = Green F = Flash (60 fpm)
RD = Red FN = NATO Flash (30 fpm)
IR = Infrared FX = Special Coded Flash (Morse Code or other)
WH = White



 Part Number Mode A1 Mode A2 Mode B1 Mode B2
HS-640-01 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (FL) IR (FL/Bright)
HS-640-02 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) BL (Steady) BL (Steady) + WH (FL)
HS-640-03 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (FL) IR (Steady)
HS-640-04 GR (Steady) RD (Steady) IR (FL) IR (Steady)
HS-640-05 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) RD (Steady/Dim) IR (FL)
HS-640-07 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (FL/Dim) IR (FL/Bright+)
HS-640-08 WH (FL) GR (Steady) IR (FL) IR (Steady)
HS-640-09 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH(FL/Bright+) IR (FL) IR (FL/Bright)
HS-640-10 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) RD (Steady) RD (Steady) + WH (FL)
HS-640-11 GR (FL) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (FL) IR (Steady)
HS-640-12 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) RD (FL) Blue (FL)
HS-640-14 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL/Bright+) BL (Steady) BL (Steady) + WH (FL/Bright+)
HS-640-15 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) BL (Steady) RD (Steady) + WH (FL)
HS-640-16 GR (Steady/Dim) GR (Steady/Dim) + WH (FL) IR (FL/Dim) IR (FL/Bright)
HS-640-17 RD (Steady) RD (Steady) + WH (FL) BL (Steady) BL (Steady) + WH (FL)
HS-640-18 GR (Steady) GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (Steady/Dim) IR (FL/Bright+)
HS-640-25 GR (Steady/Bright) RD (Steady/Bright) IR (FL/Dim) IR (FL/Bright+)
HS-640-28 GR (Steady)v GR (Steady) + WH (FL) IR (FL/Dim) IR (Steady)
HS-640-33P RD (FL/Bright+) RD (Steady) WH (FL/Bright+)  RD (FL/Bright+) + WH (FL/Bright+)
HS-640-36C WH (FL) GR (Steady) RD (FL) BL (Steady)
HS-640-56P GR (FL) RD (FL) IR (FL/Dim) IR (Steady)