The HEL-STAR 5 EXO® is a helmet mounted, tactical light designed for MFF and other airborne applications, ground tactical, SAR, K9 and other confined space operations. Its helmet-friendly design significantly improves upon its predecessor the HEL-STAR 5® with increased visibility, durability and water resistance. Other improvements include a decrease in weight and, a noticeably smaller footprint.

Its three user defined operating functions come in a variety of colors and IR (NIR & SWIR), as well as flash rates, (including Morse Code & NATO Flash) and select light intensity options. The HEL-STAR 5 EXO® is a versatile personnel marker light developed for multiple military and tactical operations, retaining the original low-profile design required by users.

The no-snag Velcro® interface provides an emergency peel-away safety feature thus reducing potential interference with parachute risers. User friendly tactile sliding switches can be easily operated with a gloved-hand in the blind while the helmet is donned.

The HEL-STAR 5 EXO’s built-in security design features a quick switch deactivation, along with a positive confirmation that the unit is OFF to prevent inadvertent battery drain. For additional peace of mind, users have both a positive visual and tactile confirmation when moving between the ON/OFF and function modes.

An enhanced feature of the HEL-STAR 5 EXO® is its optional field reprogrammable capability which requires only the Program Interface Module (PIM) and access to a laptop. This unique option allows users to easily reprogram their lights to suit changing operational needs while in the field.

The White and Green functions both meet FAA 3-statute mile requirements and the new LED element gives users significantly improved lateral visibility and overall brightness, increasing situational awareness and safety.

The field-replaceable lithium 123 battery (no tools needed) provides longevity in extreme temperature conditions. The HEL-STAR 5 EXO® has been waterproof tested to 66 feet for underwater operations.

Available in Black or Tan


Versatility - Three user-defined functions in White, Green, Red, Blue and/or IR (flashing, coded, or steady) in various intensities.

Safety - Low, no-snag profile. Velcro attachment provides an emergency break-away feature.

Operation - Detented sliding switches operate in the blind and provide tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating mode.

Visibility - White flash meets FAA 3 statute mile requirements; redesigned LED element provides full 180-degree side-visibility.

Waterproof - Designed for waterproof operation at 66 feet plus.

Helmet Friendly - Smaller footprint; 20 grams lighter than original design.

Battery - Replaceable lithium C123 cell; no tools are required.

Field Reprogramming Capability - Available as an option. Requires Program Interface Module (PIM) and access to a laptop.

Part Number and Functions
 Color Key  Function Key
BL = Blue S = Steady
GR = Green F = Flash (60 fpm)
RD = Red FN = NATO Flash (30 fpm)
IR = Infrared FX = Special Coded Flash (Morse Code or other)
WH = White



Part Number Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3
HS-501X Green (Steady) + White (Flash) Green (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-502X IR (Flash) White (Flash) Green (Steady) + White (Flash)
HS-503X White (Flash) IR (Flash/Bright) IR (Flash/Dim)
HS-504X White/Green (Alt. Flash) IR (Steady) IR* (User-Defined Morse Code Letter) A, D, K, V, Z, SOS
HS-505X IR (NATO Flash, 30/min) IR (Standard Flash 60/min) IR (Steady)
HS-507X Red (Steady) Green (Steady) Blue (Steady)
HS-509X White (Flash) Green (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-510X IR (Steady/Bright) IR (Steady/Dim) IR (Flash)
HS-511X IR (Flash) White (Flash) Red (Steady)
HS-512X Green (Flash) IR (Flash) IR (Steady)
HS-513X Red (Steady) Green (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-514X IR (Flash) White (Steady) Red (Steady)
HS-515X GR(S) + WH(F) BL(S) IR(F)
HS-517X IR (Flash) Green (Flash) Red (Flash)
HS-518 Green (Steady) IR (Steady) IR (Flash)
HS-520VX GR(S) + WH(F) GR(S) IR (Morse "V")
HS-522XT BL(S) + WH(FN) IR(FN) IR(S)
HS-526XT (K9 model) Red (Flash) IR (Morse “D”) IR (Morse “D”/Dim)
HS-527XT (LE Tactical) Red (Steady) IR (Flash) IR (Flash/Dim)
HS-528X BL(F) BL(S) + WH(F) IR(F)
HS-529X RD(S) BL(S)  GR(F) + IR(F/B)