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Heightec Prism Double Lock Descender

SKU: HD26181

Product Info

The Prism descender is a completely new product which offers great functionality to rope access workers. It contains two new patented principles; a mechanism which multiplies the braking force applied by the user providing fine control, and a new design of a secondary brake which minimizes the possibility of uncontrolled descent. An additional capability of this device is the ability to unthread the secondary braking system, which allows the rope to be easily pulled back through the device during short ascents.

Key Features
  • Double-breaking mechanism will stop if released or panic squeezed
  • Parts visible for easy inspection and maintenance
  • Designed for rope diameters between 10.5 mm and 11.5 mm
  • High strength aluminum with stainless steel friction surfaces
  • Patented variable friction design eliminates the need for a 2nd carabiner
  • User can switch between configurations under load

Sizing Info: 10.5 mm - 11.5 mm rope
Weight: 1 lbs 2 oz (500 g)
Max Rope Size: 11.5 mm