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Specifically designed for performing work or rescue in or around a trench, our Class I Trench Work-Rescue Belt is loaded with features. Its AstriAlpin COBRA buckle—manufactured from 7075 aluminum alloy with a built-in stainless steel D-ring (Buckle:18 kN / 4,000 lbf MBS, D-ring: 22 kN / 5,000 lbf MBS, straight pull)—is secure yet easy to open and close while wearing gloves. Our aluminum D-ring provides a rear connection point at the back of the belt for a travel restrict.

The belt is constructed of multiple layers of nylon webbing to allow for limited lateral movement of the rear D-ring. The webbing also increases belt stiffness for carrying tools and the belt’s 1 3/4” width is compatible with most commonly used nail and tool pouches. Our Web-Keeper secures excess web at tail end of the belt. Fully adjustable to fit over turnouts. One size fits most.

Note: This belt is not intended as a substitute for a harness.


Color: Black
Weight: 14 oz (397 G)


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CMC Trench Work-Rescue Belt

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