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CMC Tactical Team Rappel Kit

SKU: 500503

Product Info

The same as the Tactical Personal Rappel Kit, the Tactical Team Rappel Kit provides rope, harnesses, and hardware for two tactical officers moving in vertical environments, where keeping a low profile is a must. The kit's storage bag and equipment are black to reduce visibility.

Products included:
#2 Rope Bag
Heavy Rescue Organizer
8 Link with Rappel 8 (2)
Variable Anchor Strap
Tactical Rappel Harness (2)
ProTech Screw-Lock (6)
ProTech Manual-Lock
Delta Quick Link
7/16" Rescue Lifeline - 150'
7mm Prusik Cord - 10' (2x5')
1" Web - 40' (2x20')
Edge Guard - Large