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CMC Spec Pak Patient Extrication System

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This unique patient packaging and extrication system combines a short spine board with the support of a full-body harness. The polyethylene backboard provides rigidity and a smooth sliding surface for confined space extrications. Handles at the side and head provide grip points for handling the patient. The unique self-adjusting cervical restraint eliminates problems associated with lifting a patient vertically while secured to a rigid backboard. The Spec Pak is only intended as a limited spinal immobilization system and must be used with proper spinal immobilization where conditions and protocols indicate. Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System and storage bag are included.

The Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System, now included with Spec Pak, allows for horizontal, semi-sitting and semi-vertical (80-degree) positioning of the patient. This method of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of the patient developing further suspension syndrome. The Lifting Bridle attaches to the newer style chest-mounted D-rings on Spec Pak. The head, crotch and leg straps allow for complete stabilization of the patient without the requirement of a full litter. The bridle easily adjusts with the use of Ancra Cam Buckles (6 kN). Lifting Bridle has a full-strength (22.2 kN) backup strap for attachment to the head D-ring. All carabiners and connectors are included.

#721903 SYSTEM, SPECPAK PATIENT EXTRICATION includes Spec Pack Lifting Bridle System.

Product Weight 4 lb 3 oz (11 kg)
Color Color Coded

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CMC Spec Pak Patient Extrication System

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