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CMC SkyHook Winch

SKU: 732001

Product Info

SkyHook Basic WinchA single-handled lightweight cousin to the original SkyHook Rope Rescue Winch, the 21-lb Basic model features the same AC power options as the original. This model, which incorporates years of field improvements and material upgrades, hosts a dry bearing package and provides 2.2:1 and 6:1 gear ratios. It can be manually operated or accepts the Makita/ SkyHook 110 volt AC 10 amp Power Head for a full range of rescue, industrial or inspection operations. Pelican case not included.

SkyHook TrailTech Winch – A double-handled side-mounted rope winch that can be used with several tripod models, the 16.5-lb TrailTech model incorporates a self-tailing mechanism. This allows a single operator to use both hands to crank the opposing handles, which not only delivers the most ergonomic manual power stroke available, but also improves efficiency by 50% or more. The mechanical advantage of the TrailTech allows the operator to switch from 2.2:1 (low gear) to 6:1 (high gear) by simply changing the rotation of the handles from clockwise to counterclockwise. Pelican case not included.

Basic 21 lb (9.5 kg) Black
Trail Tech 16 lb 8 oz (7.5 kg) Black