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CMC Rope Rescue Team Kit- MPD Rigging

SKU: 501135

Product Info

Containing the minimum equipment required to handle most high or low-angle rope rescue responses, this kit includes a main line with mechanical advantage for raising and a descent control device for lowering, a belay line, a litter with a patient-packaging system, and gear for setting up anchors. In addition to this equipment, we recommend each member of the team carry the personal equipment included in our Rescuer Personal Kit.

Key Features
Both the Rope Rescue Team Kits (Traditional Rigging) and (MPD Rigging) include:
Rope Bags - #2 (2) Shasta Gear Bag
Truck Cache Litter Pack
Disaster Response Litter Litter Insert
ProSeries Litter Harness Patient Tie-In System
Pelvic Harness Lifesaver Victim Harness
Etrier with Tie-In CMC Ascenders (2)
FastLink Pick-Off Strap FastLink Anchor Strap - Medium
Adjustable Litter Straps (4) Anchor Strap Sleeve - Medium
Edge Pad - XL (2) Ultra-Pro 4 Edge Protector
ProSeries Manual-Lock Carabiners - Slate (5) ProTech Auto-Lock Carabiner - Red
ProTechâ„¢ Manual-Lock Carabiner - Slate Rope Rescue Manual
CMC Lifeline - 200 ft of 1/2 in CMC Lifeline - 200 ft of 1/2 in (Additional Color)
Tubular Webbing - 40 ft (2 x 20 ft) Tubular Webbing - 24 ft (1 x 12 ft)
AZ Bound-Loop Prusiks - Short (5)
Rope Rescue Team Kit, MPD Rigging (#501135) Also Includes:
MPD (2) ProSeries Manual-Lock Carabiners - Slate (5)
Swivel Double Pulley PMP Swivel Pulleys (3)