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Everything but the rope to fully outfit the Rope Rescue System-Pac for a complete systems package, this kit includes the gear to rig a main line lowering or raising system, mechanical advantage, and a separate belay system. The Ultra-Pro Edge Protector provides edge protection and acts as the internal frame for the System-Pac when it's fully loaded.

Key Features
Products included:
System-Pac 1" Web - 40' (2x20')
Edge Pad UltraPro 4 Edge Protector
FastLink Anchor Strap (2) Anchor Strap Sleeve (2)
Long Prusik Loop Short Red Prusik Loop (5)
Anchor Plate ProSeries Pulley (5)
Load Release Strap (2) ProTech Oval
ProSeries Screw-Lock (11) Rescue Rack

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CMC Rope Rescue System-Pac Kit

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