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CMC Rescuer Personal Kit with ProSeries Combo Harness

SKU: 501107

Product Info

This kit contains the minimum personal equipment an individual rescuer should have in his gear pack, including personal protection equipment (PPE) for the head and hands. CMC offers two models of the kit, one with a full-body Fire Rescue Harness and the other with the ProSeries Combo Harness for the rescuer who wants the flexibility to choose between a full-body harness and a sit harness.

Key Features
Two versions of this kit are available.
Both options contain the following:
Personal Gear Bag Pro Pocket
Riggers Gloves CMC Helmet
ESS Striketeam Goggles EOS Headlamp
ProTech Manual-Lock (3) Rescue 8
Long Prusik Loop Short Prusik Loop
Rope Rescue Manual Large Multi-Loop Strap
Kit 501107 also includes:
ProSeries Combo Harness