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CMC Main Line Kit

SKU: 501102

Product Info

For Lowering or Raising with Mechanical Advantage

Everything you need to set up a simple 3:1 mechanical advantage raising system with the option of a change of direction, a complex 5:1 mechanical advantage raising system, or a lowering system, this Kit includes gear for anchors and edge protection.

Key Features
Rope & Equipment Bag - XL ProSeries Pulley (3)
ProSeries Screw-Lock (5) Anchor Plate
FastLink Anchor Strap Anchor Strap Sleeve
ProSeries Manual-Lock ProTech Oval
Load Release Strap Rescue Rack
1" Web - 40' (2x20') 1/2" CMC Static-Pro Lifeline - 200'
UltraPro 2 Edge Protector Edge Pad
Short Prusik Loop (2)