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CMC Kong Tango Carabiner

SKU: 368100

Product Info

The Kong Tango Carabiner is a lightweight aluminum, double-action connector with a unique locking device that requires deliberate single-hand grip to open. Simply depress the lever with your palm while gripping the carabiner and the gate unlocks to open. When released, the gate locks automatically for security. Features key lock style frame with captive Eye.

Working-At-Height / Industrial Rope Access / Technical Rope Rescue
Working at height requires reliable, quality equipment. The KONG Tango Carabiner can be used with confidence for work positioning or fall restraint protection in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards it falls under. Always use life safety equipment and gear according to the regulatory safety standards for which it is classified and/or certified.

Color Weight Gate Opening Length Breaking Strength
Red 4.3 oz (123 g) 1 in (25 mm) 5.4 in (136 mm) 33 kN (7,418 lbf)
Black 4.3 oz (123 g) 1 in (25 mm) 5.4 in (136 mm) 33 kN (7,418 lbf)