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CMC FastLink Anchor Strap

SKU: 201062


Product Info

The Fastest Connecting Anchor Strap Solution Available!
Standard anchor straps with D-rings on each end can create tri-axial loading on the connecting carabiner. A delta screw link connecting the two ends of the strap eliminates this hazard, but screw links are slow to fasten and add weight. We've eliminated the D-rings and solved both problems with this new design. Simply wrap the strap around the anchor point and clip the integrated ProTech Auto-Lock Carabiner into the included 12 mm Delta Quick Link, and you're ready to connect your system.

Strength Specifications for All Sizes

Basket (U) Configuration: 51 kN (11,464 lbf)

End-to-End Configuration: 26 kN (5,845 lbf)

Choker Configuration: Not Applicable

Option Product Weight Length Color NFPA Rating
Small 1.3 lb (590 g) 3 ft (91 cm) Blue General Use
Medium 1.6 lb (726 g) 5 ft (152 cm) Blue General Use
Large 1.9 lb (862 g) 7 ft (213 cm) Blue General Use
X-Large 2.2 lb (997 g) 10 ft (305 cm) Blue General Use
XX-Large 3 lb (1.4 kg) 15 ft (457 cm) Blue General Use

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CMC FastLink Anchor Strap

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