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CMC Derby Helo Strap

SKU: 201942

Product Info

The Derby Helo Strap extrication device attaches to the helicopter hoist hook for short-hauling or hoisting. The system allows the rescuer to position themself behind the subject to enable a swift capture around the chest area. Two cinch straps with handles adjust to quickly secure the subject into the strap.

Originally developed by a southern California fire department for flood channel rescue, the strap can be used for helicopter hoist pick-off rescues from water or cliffs. Heavy-duty webbing and construction used for long life and durability in harsh environments.

Not intended for a patient with a spinal injury or injuries that require a litter evacuation.

Key Features
  • Constructed of 1-3/4” high-strength webbing
  • Compact system stows easily on an aircraft
  • Large snap hook and D-ring allow for fast, secure connection in austere conditions
  • Attachment connection uses a ProTech Aluminum Auto-Lock Carabiner
  • Storage bag included
  • Load capacity 500 lbs (227 kgs)
  • Made in USA