CMC Confined Space Rescue Team Kit

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Product Info

This kit has the minimum equipment for the entrant, attendant, stand-by rescuer, main-line operator and belayer to set up systems for vertical entry into a confined space for both rescue and patient transport. For a complete confined space solution, add or use your own communication, gas monitor, and ventilation equipment.

Key Features
Fire-Rescue Harness (2) Sked-Evac Tripod & Bag
#2 Rope Bag (3) Rope & Equipment Bag, Med
Lassen Duffel Bag - Med (2) Shasta Gear Bag
1/2" Static-Pro Lifeline - 200' (4) 1" Web - 100' (5x20')
Edge Pad (2) 1" Web - 48' (4x12')
Long Prusik Loop (3) Short Prusik Loop (4)
Anchor Plate Load Release Strap (2)
ProSeries Pulley (5) ProSeries Screw-Lock (16)
CSR Double Pulley CSR Pulley
ProTech Oval (2) Pro-Series Manual Lock (2)
FastLink Anchor Strap Anchor Strap Sleeve
EOS Headlamp CMC Rescue Helmet (5)
Born Entry-Ease Riggers Gloves (5 pair)
Alta Knee Pad (5 pair) Confined Space Entry and Rescue Manual and Field Guide
Lifesaver Victim Harness Lifesaver Victim Chest Harness
Miller Full Body Splint Load Release Strap (2)
Sked Basic Rescue System