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CMC 2-Person Confined Space Rescue Entrant Kit

SKU: 501303

Product Info

Containing the minimum equipment needed for a two-person confined space standby team, this kit consists of two Confined Space Entrant Personal Packages and two Additional Entrant Retrieval Line Packages. It can also be combined with a Confined Space Rescue Team Kit to equip a seven-person team.

Items Included
Lassen Duffel Bag - Med (2) #2 Rope Bag (2)
Fire-Rescue Harness (2) ProSeries Pulley (4)
EOS Headlamp (2) CMC Helmet (2)
1/2"" Static-Pro Lifeline - 200' 1/2"" Static-Pro Lifeline - 200'
Alta Knee Pad (2 pairs) Riggers Gloves (2 pairs)
ProSeries Screw-Lock (10) ProTech Oval (2)
Short Prusik Loop (2) Long Prusik Loop (2)
Confined Space Entry and
Rescue Field Guide (2)
Load Release Strap (2)