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Aqua Lung Rapid Diver Pro

SKU: 769410

Product Info

The Aqua Lung Rapid Diver Pro System with 48 lbs of lift is designed for professional use and is equipped to handle a wide range of mission profiles. Features include the award winning, Environmentally Sealed Aqualung Titan LX Supreme DIN Regulator w/ Auto Closure Device (prevents corrosive water from entering reg.), black Faber Steel 27 cu ft tank, integrated power/oral inflator with remote exhaust, 1050 denier ballistic nylon construction with MOLLE cross webbing, and full size cylinder back mount system capability.

The Rapid Diver back pad also has a pocket which accommodates a water pouch to help with hydration. The water feed tube slips through a small hole in the top of the pad.

Key Features
  • Includes Titan LX Supreme DIN Environmentally sealed regulator.
  • Apeks 2-gauge pressure & depth console.
  • Dual bag construction.
  • Rapid front mount.
  • Easy DON & DOFF.
  • Self adjustable.
  • 2 tank configurations.
  • Horizontal front mount.
  • Vertical back mount.
  • 1 case - Ready to dive.
  • Simple, quick, and convenient to use.
  • Soft carry case stores easily in police trunk or on fire apparatus.
  • 1050 D Ballistic Nylon Fabric.
  • MOLLE cross webbing.
  • Presewn badge attachment.
  • 3 rapid pull exhaust dumps.
  • Rugged LP inflator & hose
  • 48 lbs of lift.
  • 27 CF steel primary tank.
  • 2640 PSI low pressure.
  • Pro valve rated to 3342 PSI.
  • Up to 120 CF back mount.
  • Comes with black Aqua Lung
  • Micro mask and paramedic shears in nylon sheath.