Aqua Lung Fusion SAR Surface/Swimmer (No Valves)

SKU: 611979-2XS/XS

Product Info
  • Patented Fusion DryCore Technology
  • Oversized drycore with external tactical designed skin
  • Exterior skin is made of 1mm super stretch neopreneand reinforced in high wear areas
  • Reflective piping around zipper as well as reflective band around wrists
  • Removable 2mm neoprene inserts for the elbows and knees for additional durability and cushioning
  • Supplied with Multi-Laminate Shell Socks that match perfectly with Fusion boots or Evo 3 boot
  • Unmatched flexibility & streamlined design
  • Pockets Available - see page 15
  • S.A.R. Graphics included
  • Includes Internal Suspenders,Inflator Hose, and drysuit bag
  • Seal Lock Technology (SLT) system available (see below)

Optional SLT System

Part no. 62521 SLT neck-tite system with Polytex neckseal only

Part no. 62520 SLT neck-tite system with neckseal/hood with Polytex hood/neckseal & hood liner

Part no. 62460 SLT neck system w/silicone* neckseal only

Part no. 62461 SLT system to include neck & wrist ring system w/silicone* seals (no hood)