Apeks Deluxe One-Piece Webbed Harness

SKU: 388040

Product Info

This simple, yet strong, harness can take the load of a fully rigged technical diver. It can be easily customized with the hardware of your choice

Key Features
  • 12 of solid 2 (5cm) webbing with center grommet.
  • 2 (5cm) wide crotch strap.
  • 6 stainless 2 (5cm) D-rings.
  • Includes neoprene shoulder protectors.
  • 2 elastic retaining loops on shoulders and one on crotch strap.
  • Heavy duty stainless waist buckle.
  • 6 stainless serrated retainers.
  • Tank bands, p/n 28228, not included.