SMC 3" NFPA Single PMP Pulley

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The SMC PMP is a rescue size pulley that is designed for use in serious rigging applications. Featuring unique shaped sideplates that maximize the effectiveness of the Prusik hitch as part of a progress capture device, its compact size in combination with a larger than usual diameter sheave makes even static rescue ropes easy to manage. The heart of this pulley is a high efficiency precision sealed ball bearing used to counter the performance losses inherent in large pulley systems. The extra large top hole easily accepts three rescue-sized carabiners and low profile fasteners help eliminate possibility of snagging. 

NFPA Certified 2001.

Material: High Quality Aluminum
Axle: Ball bearing
Sheave: 3" Aluminum
Dimensions: 5.85" x&nbsp4.17"  x 1.38"
Weight: 12.5 oz  (354 g)
Pulley Strength: 38 kN = 8542 lbs.
Max Rope Size: 0.5" (13 mm)
Features: NFPA "G" - General Use