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High Corrosion Resistance stainless steel anchor, composed of a COEUR HCR hanger, a 12 mm diameter bolt and a nut, designed for use in ultra-corrosive environments, seaside...

Key Features
  • Complete and durable assembly:
    - comprised of a COEUR HCR hanger, a 12 mm diameter bolt and a nut
    - HCR 904 (High Corrosion Resistance) stainless steel, designed for ultra-corrosive environments, seaside...
    - hanger anti-rotation system: textured back keeps the hanger from turning when the anchor is being installed or when it is heavily laterally loaded during use
  • Easy clipping:
    - the wide, ergonomic connection hole facilitates carabiner clipping
    - the width of the hole allows installation of two carabiners at the same time
  • Prevents wear of carabiners: the thickness of the hanger and the rounded edges of the connection hole limit wear of carabiners
  • Material(s): 904 HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) stainless steel
  • Certification(s): EN 959

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