Omega Five-0 Wire Gate Carabiner

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The best combination of strength, versatility and weight, the Five-0 Wire Gate Carabiner boasts a 32mm gate clearance. The huge working area, gargantuan gate clearance (32 mm), ease of clipping, versatility of design (four configurations) and strength (25 kN) means that no matter what your use, the Omega Five-0 is your 'biner. 

1 kN = 225 lbs of force
Strength Closed: 25 kN
108.5mm L x 68.3mm W

Material: Aluminum
Carabiner Strength Closed: 25 kN = 5625 lbs.
Strength Open: 7 kN = 1575 lbs.
Dimensions: 108.5 mm L x 68.3 mm W
Gate Opening: 32 mm
Weight: 49 g
Locking Mechinism: None