Omega 7/16" Modified D Quik-Lok

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This quick-locking steel carabiner has great handling, increased corrosion resistance and is a must for every rescue kit. One of Omega's finest designs and most successful products, the Modified Steel D Quick Lock is a great handling carabiner for general use. Heat treated and plated to increase corrosion resistance, this 'biner is a must for every rescue kit. 

1 kN = 225 lbs of force
Strength Closed: 53 kN
111.3mm L x 70.4 mm W

Material: Steel
Carabiner Strength Closed: 53 kN = 11925 lbs.
Strength Open: 14 kN = 3150 lbs.
Dimensions: 111.3 mm L x 70.4 mm W
Gate Opening: 24 mm
Weight: 218 g
Locking Mechinism: Quick lock