Omega 1/2" Steel Modified D Screw-Lok

Product #

Steel screw locking carabiner with the same "D" shape as the 7/16" steel model, but with bigger material for increased strength. Same great handling and use characteristics but with a strength rating of 65 kN (that's over 14,000 lbs.!). 

1 kN = 225 lbs of force
Strength Closed: 65 kN
113.3mm L x 68.6mm W

Material: Steel
Carabiner Strength Closed: 65 kN = 14625 lbs.
Strength Open: 24 kN = 5400 lbs.
Dimensions: 113.3 mm L x 68.6 mm W
Gate Opening: 22 mm
Weight: 269 g
Locking Mechinism: Screw lock