Omega 1/2" Std. D Screw-Lok NFPA

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The 1/2" Standard D Screw-Lok is certified to NFPA standards. Rated at 72 kN, this is one of the strongest carabiners in the world. Large D shape for great handling, huge gate opening and massive strength! At a rated strength of 72 kN, it's one of the strongest carabiners in the world! Heat-treated, half-load tested (over 8000 lbs.) and built to exacting standards, the " Steel Standard D is one very fine steel carabiner. 


1 kN = 225 lbs of force
Strength Closed: 72 kN
124.5mm L x 70.6mm W

Material: Steel
Carabiner Strength Closed: 72 kN = 16200 lbs.
Strength Open: 22 kN = 4950 lbs.
Dimensions: 124.5 mm L x 70.6 mm W
Gate Opening: 27 mm
Weight: 283 g
Locking Mechinism: Screw lock
Features: Certified to NFPA Standard
UL Classification G
Exceeds NFPA 1983.01 standards, ANSI/OSHA strength requirements & NFPA 1983.01 manufacturing standards