NRS Swim Fins

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Power your way to new levels of water-filled fun with the NRS Swim Fins. Wear them over wetshoes, wetsocks or your bare feet when you're river boarding, snorkeling or swimming for exercise.

  • The soft toe cup is comfortable on a bare or wetsock clad foot.
  • The web is stiff enough to transmit the full power of your kick to the water, while still having some flex for walking comfort.
  • The comfortable heel strap is dual side adjustable for a secure fit.
  • Once you have the heel strap adjusted, you can just unclick one side of the strap and keep the same adjustment when you put the fin back on.
  • The grippy tread pattern on the bottom of the foot cup gives good traction when walking.
  • Size S/M fits men's shoe size 4.5 - 8.5, L/XL fits men's shoe size 9-13. Subtract one full for women's sizes i.e. a women's 7 would be a men's 6. Please add one size if you plan on wearing a neoprene sock or shoe.
Dimensions: The web is 7"W (at the widest) and 5.5"L
Weight: 1.75 lbs. (size L/XL pair)
Features: Soft toe cup
Grippy traction on bottom of toe cup