NRS Carlisle Guide Paddle

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You can rely on this paddle's strength even in the most demanding whitewater. The Guide has a large (8" x 27") reinforced polyethylene blade, with a rugged 1-1/4" diameter shaft and T-grip.

Oversize shipping charges apply on 60" or greater sizes.


Weight: 48 oz. at 60"
Sizes: 60", 66", 72"

Grip: T-grip
Blade Material: Xenoy
Blade Size: 20.3 cm W x 66 cm L  (8" W x 26" L)
Blade Shape: Symmetrical
Shaft Material: Polyethylene-covered aluminum
Shaft Shape: Straight
Breakdown: No
Weight: 66"  is 48 oz  (1361 g)
  • Rafting