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ClimbTech 1" Multi-Use Removable Concrete Anchor



Product Info

ClimbTechs Removable Anchors are developed for both climbing and industrial applications. Theyre safe, lightweight, and surprisingly simple to employ. They have a long list of benefits above competitive products.

Ease of use

simply drill the proper size hole into your concrete or rock surface, blow the dust out and insert the unit.

Multi-directional attributes

RB anchors work in horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.


when your job is done, simply fill in the drilled hole if necessary and reuse at your new desired location.


ClimbTechs RB Anchors can be used for rescue, height access, climbing, and many other applications.

  • 1" Multi-Use Re-usable Concrete Anchor
  • 10,000lbs/44kN

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ClimbTech 1" Multi-Use Removable Concrete Anchor

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