Aqua Lung Argonaut Knife

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The Argonaut Dive knives are designed to be one of the toughest knives out there. The blade is cut into two styles; the Spartan and the Blunt. The Spartan comes to a spear head point with one side featuring rounded die cut serrations to prevent snags on rope. The Blunt comes to a blunt chisel like tip. One full side of the Blunt blade is die cut with rounded serrations.

The butt, handle, hilt and blade are all fashioned out of one piece of 4mm thick titanium, coated in black EDP, sharpened and laser etched. The handle is then wrapped, twice, in 5mm paracord and tied off with a 5u201d (12.7cm) leash. 2mm thick Kydex plastic is then heated and thermoformed around the knife to make the sheath. 1/8u201d (3.2mm) grommets are inserted and the excess material is removed with a heat knife. The final stage is laser etching a subtle Aqua Lung logo on one side of the sheath.

The handles are wrapped 1/2u201d (12.5mm) from the hilt to provide a spot for the forefinger and extra grip for the sheath. The butt of the handle features a sharp tactical tool and the skeleton holes in the handle are hex wrenches for emergency situations.

Key Features
  • Blade and Handle - made of 4mm thick, high rust resistant Titanium.
  • Handle - double wrapped in 5mm paracord.
  • Blade - comes in 2 styles, Spartan and Blunt.
  • Blade - 4 7/8u201d (12.38cm) long and the handle is 4 7/8u201d (12.38cm).
  • Butt of the handle comes to a point for hammering, breaking and crushing.
  • Sheath is a locking 2mm thick Kydex with 1/8u201d grommets.
  • The strap holes are 1u201d (2.5cm) long and 1/4u201d (.65cm) wide.
  • Comes with 2 rubber leg straps.